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Yes, you can do all the work when it comes to moving goods and personal belonging. But the problem is that this is too tiring and time-consuming. If you are looking for an efficient way of moving from point A to point B without having to worry about packing, unpacking and driving then you should consider what a moving van and moving service can offer you. The services offered by these companies and the moving van can make your life easier, imagine you don’t have experience the usual backaches and headaches linked to moving. But there are tradeoffs as well if you sign up with these providers. One thing that you lose is control over your belongings and personal effects. Though you are still on top of the move and the situation, it’s important to note that you put the safety of your belongings and personal effects on the hands of the movers. And when this happens, there’s a chance that your moving boxes can get lost or damaged. Don’t let this happen to you; learn how to protect your belongings once you work with a moving van. Here are some suggestions on how you can make this happen.

  • Always personally meet up with the service provider. Talk with the company and ask for the specific services that can be offered. Ask for estimates as well. Don’t get estimates over the phone or through e-mail. Look and be observant of the attitude of the representatives. If they are too pushy with their service, then you are better off with another service provider;
  • Consider the insurance provided by the company. Your possessions should be well-protected, and you can make this happen by looking for insurance.  The good news is that the professional moving companies offer replacement and reimbursement programs for packages and personal belongings.  

Speaking of the insurance that can be provided by a moving van and moving company, there are three types of valuation available. The list includes the declared value, the assessed value and the full value protection. On the declared value, the value of the possessions is computed based on the weight of the load multiplied by an amount per pound. Another valuation that is used is the lump sum value or the assessed value. There are some belongings and personal effects that are too costly and sometimes these are subjected to moves. Now, companies don’t assess the value of these personal effects based on the weight. Rather many moving companies will assess these based on cost. The value is usually stated on the bill of lading. And then there’s the full value protection. This is the insurance or valuation that will cover the items and personal effects that are lost, damaged or destroyed. This is the insurance coverage that will cover for the repair and the replacement of damaged or lost belongings. Make sure that the provider of moving van services has insurance in place to protect your personal effects. Insurance will help ensure a stress-free move.

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